When Will the Permanent War End?

On September 11th, 2001, Al-Qaeda attacked the United States killing 3,000 Americans. Immediately following that horrific attack, America had one job to do: eliminate the Al-Qaeda threat by either killing or capturing its members. At least, one would have thought that would have been the obvious and only course of action.

Instead America embarked on a series of misguided larger wars in the Middle East. These conflicts were crafted and guided by foreign special interests and have been sustained by naïve idealism wrapped in false patriotism.

Aside from the direct fight against Al-Qaeda, not one of these wars has improved American security. They have visibly degraded it. From the overthrow of Saddam, Qaddafi and the empowerment of dubious rebels (funded by our lovely allies in Saudi Arabia and the UAE – the birthplace of that charming Salafist brand of Islam, which attacks innocent civilians in the West) -these wars have only strengthened the hand of America’s enemies and created the chaos needed to sustain them. Yet, the Iraqi, Libyan and Syrian governments had not attacked us.

And all of this has largely been cheered on by an adoring and unquestioning establishment media and politicians. They are the so called, “adults in the room,” people like Nikki Haley, Marco Rubio and Lindsey Graham. But the reality is that they are incompetent and corrupted. They deserve no seat at the table of influence and decision making. They cheered America’s largely useless and potentially dangerous strikes against Syria, only deriding them for not going further. To do what, other than advancing Saudi Arabia’s and Israel’s regional power ambitions? These voices often blame President Trump and the Pentagon for having no Syria strategy, but it is they who have no Syria strategy. Removing Assad and leaving Syria to anarchy or potential jihadists is not a strategy. It is a time-tested instrument for failure. And once done with Syria, many of these hacks would attempt to do the same with Iran, something that Trump unfortunately may not have figured out yet.

The good news is that Americans are increasingly tired of the permanent war driven by the know -nothing elites whose degrees far surpass their IQ’s. The bad news is that the armchair warriors continue to push for increased confrontation at every chance they get. Was Trump’s symbolic missile strike on Syria simply a way to placate the warmongers or was it the sign of something more serious? Only time will tell. But the only way for the permanent war to come to an end is for Americans to demand that their blood and treasure cease being doled out to special interests. The silver lining of actions like the Syria strikes is that it only makes it more apparent what is really going on and who our real opponents are: the warmongering class in Washington.

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Tired of hearing only the craziest opinions and solutions on both sides of the political aisle? So are we. And like you, we believe that millions of Americans are reasonable people who want reasonable solutions to political problems. We are open to and believe that solutions exist from the right, the left, the middle and everywhere else in between. Our goals are: 1) To start and engage in vigorous conversation that promotes reasonable dialogue and outcomes. 2) Aggressively fight back and counter blatant political illogic and un-truths. Whether they are coming from the left or the right, pure ideologues or political establishment hacks, we believe that the American people are tired of being drowned and out and pushed around by the most unreasonable among us. Enough is enough. It is time for Americans to get loud and push back.

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