The Hypocrisy and Ineptitude of the Limited Government Movement; Colin Kaepernick, BLM and the Bundy Trial

Undoubtedly, supporters of limited government everywhere are cheering the fresh not guilty verdict delivered at the trial of some of the Bundy family’s most ardent defenders. And why shouldn’t they? The Bundy family has triumphed over militant government overreach, an abuse of regulatory power that can be only approved of in Washington, but completely unbecoming to the spirit of freedom. May Americans in every corner of this country assert their freedoms aggressively. It is the only way to insure liberty.

Yet, when black Americans protest for their right to be free of the excesses of authority, many of those same limited government enthusiasts that support the Bundy clan view groups like Black Lives Matter and individuals like Colin Kaepernick as un-American, traitors or even terrorists. How can this be? Is a young, black man wearing a hoodie in inner city America not deserving of the same freedom as a white man wearing a cowboy hat in rural America?

To throw one’s support behind the Bundy’s and call out Black Lives Matter and Colin Kaepernick as un-American, or worse, is pure hypocrisy and ineptitude.  Both are victims of government policy run amok, but only one seems to merit the accolades of patriots and freedom fighters. It is also a failure of the limited government movement to grow its political tent. For a few moments in Ferguson, Senator Rand Paul voiced some support for the protesters, but it was fleeting and soon replaced by the traditional, failing paradigm: supporters of limited government enthusiastically and reflexively standing with authority, while black protesters fell predictably into the hands of liberals.

Is it any wonder that those who support limited government struggle to gain traction and have a hard time attracting interest from different demographics? They wouldn’t have to pander to minorities by playing identity politics. All they would have to do is to make their dreams available to all Americans. One often hears voices in the limited government movement exclaim that “minorities are bought off” by liberals. “Why try?” That is a load of malarkey. Notwithstanding the fact that politicians in red state America buy off their voters just as much as they do in the blue parts of the nation, until the voices of limited government can stand up for the right of all Americans to be free of the heavy hand of the state and its ill-informed policies, they will never attain the prominence in the American political space that they seek. 

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