Trump is Chaos, But the Screams We Hear are those of the Establishment having their Imperial Apple Cart Overturned

There is no other way to say it: President Trump’s shoot first – think later style creates chaos around almost every issue he touches. It impedes his ability to deliver on his campaign agenda, not to mention sensible governance for the American people. And he seems to have a worrisome penchant for dictatorship-like behavior.

That said, those screams that we hear from the establishment are not about Trump’s worrisome behavior. They are about the fact that he is taking serious steps to gut the ideology and actions of those who seek an American empire.

9/11 provoked a reaction in our country that allowed an alliance of Neoconservatives and Liberal Internationalists to take over the nation’s foreign policy in the name of security. However, what these experts, who are anything but, really did was to launch a policy of empire for America and a handful of our allies, allies that happen to contribute mightily to political financing in our country. This policy, in the name of democracy building, has caused chaos across the world. It prioritizes Saudi Arabia and Israel as allies and tags Russia, Syria and Iran as enemies, even though the Saudis use Al–Qaeda and ISIS-like groups to achieve regional strength wherever the we create a void by the weakening or deposing of regimes. Meanwhile, the Israelis seek to use our military to remove any threat to their dream of one day expelling Palestinians from their post 1967 territory. (In the case of both countries, see Iraq as exhibit A – Libya as exhibit B – and they are hard at work on Syria for C.) Russia is the one country that can stop the American imperial fantasy. If we fight terrorism side-by-side with Russia, the imperial agenda will be undermined by the peace the joined power of Russia and the United States may bring.

And, why would we not fight terrorism side-by-side with the Russians? They have suffered attacks as we, funded by the same people. Of course, the establishment only pays lip service to the victims of Saudi-allied terror groups. What are a few thousand people over the course of a decade in return for a Pax–Americana and all the DC money that it brings? Besides, “Don’t you see how horrible Assad is?” they ask. Sure. He is bad, just like the Saudis in Yemen, but no one cares about the latter because those victims are backed by Iran and, by extension, Russia. Their lives are only in the way of the empire.

The bottom line is that if Trump’s diplomacy with Russia results in more cooperation fighting terrorism, it ends the dream of deposing Assad or Iran’s government; it means Saudi Arabia and its allied terror groups will not become the masters of the Islamic world; it means that Israel may not be able to realize its dream of pushing the Palestinians from their land; it means that DC and the war industry will have to calm down; and it definitely means that John McCain will not be able to bask in the glory of overseeing it all. None of the above is in our true interest, and trying to achieve them has greatly diminished our security these last fifteen years. As much as Trump seems chaotic, is following the establishment playbook of international relations really a good idea? The answer is a clear no, even if Trump needed to be removed from office at some point. Trading in the loudmouth chaos of the Trump presidency for the polite incompetence of special-interest imperial policy is still chaos.

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