Establishment Hypocrisy and Incompetence on Full Display in Syria

Make no mistake, Syrian leader Bashar Assad’s behavior is awful and Russia and Iran’s facilitation of that behavior is equally disconcerting. The United States is right to call out the recent gas attack in Syria for what it is: barbaric.

Of course, for the establishment and their cheerleaders in the press it is instant justification for action against Assad and a hard line with Iran and Russia. Aside from the very real possibility that military action against Assad will cause greater harm than good, and if recent history is in any indicator there is good chance that it would do exactly that, the hypocrisy that the American political and media establishment displays regarding Syria is stunning.

It is not because of what is happening in Syria, but because of what is happening in Yemen. In that country, the United States is Russia and Iran; the larger supporter to a brutal campaign against Shiite Houthis carried out by Saudi Arabia. Close to one million Yemenis are at imminent risk of starving due to the naval blockade and relentless airstrikes being carried out by Saudi Arabia. And the United States just keeps the money and bombs flowing to their client. How is that different from what Russia or Iran is doing with Syria? Where are CNN, John McCain, Lindsey Graham and all the Clinton Democrats to denounce the horror show that is befalling Yemen? Crickets.

The reality is that for the interventionist empire seekers it was never about the human rights of the Syrian people. If it was, they would be equally appalled by what is going on in Yemen and would never financially support it. What the establishment really wants is to depose Bashar Assad’s regime just as they deposed Saddam’s and they had hoped to do with Iran, although that day is likely further removed.

There is no doubt that the violence in the Middle East is appalling on both sides of the Sunni – Shiite divide. To neglect one side’s carnage in favor of the other is out an out hypocrisy. However if you have pick a side, the United States is once again on the wrong side from a strategic point of view. It is the radical Sunni Wahhabi jihadist ideology largely supported by Saudi Arabia that attacks and kills American civilians, not Assad, Iran and certainly not Russia. But should we be surprised? No. The establishment of so – called foreign policy experts never waste a chance to hoist the flag of hypocrisy and incompetence.

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