If You Think It’s About Race, Sexism and Hatred, You Are Wrong

To those of you who think this election was all about race, sexism, and hatred, you are wrong, on both sides of the aisles. If you think the majority of the people who elected Trump to be our president are hate filled – bigots, you are wrong. And if you think the majority of the people who elected Trump to be our president allows you to be a hate filled – bigot, you are also wrong. You have no mandate and you never will.
Donald Trump won because America has had it with a self – serving governing elite that serves itself first and the people second. Hillary Clinton and many of the Republicans who lost to Trump in the primaries were a personification of the governing class, getting into any position their special interest masters requested that they get into, no matter how crude and always at the expense of the American citizen.
Unfortunately, Donald Trump ran his campaign in such a manner that he has led both sides to believe that there is possibility that he will embolden the worst instincts among us. He did not win because of his rhetoric in the campaign, but despite it.
Now let’s see what a President Trump can do. If he governs as he campaigned; childish, petulant, encouraging fear and disregarding the Constitution or implying that it only applies to some Americans, he will be a one term president, and possibly less. If governs as he portrayed himself in his victory speech, respects the Constitution and chooses to focus on a more mature and responsible interpretation of some of the actually decent policy ideas that he has, American can be great again. Let’s hope that President Trump surprises us as a leader as much as he surprised us in winning his campaigns, and rises to the occasion.

About The Fighting Voice of Reason (42 Articles)
Tired of hearing only the craziest opinions and solutions on both sides of the political aisle? So are we. And like you, we believe that millions of Americans are reasonable people who want reasonable solutions to political problems. We are open to and believe that solutions exist from the right, the left, the middle and everywhere else in between. Our goals are: 1) To start and engage in vigorous conversation that promotes reasonable dialogue and outcomes. 2) Aggressively fight back and counter blatant political illogic and un-truths. Whether they are coming from the left or the right, pure ideologues or political establishment hacks, we believe that the American people are tired of being drowned and out and pushed around by the most unreasonable among us. Enough is enough. It is time for Americans to get loud and push back.

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