The William Kristol Wing of the Republican Party Has To Go

If Republicans want to get back to winning anything again, any time soon, the William Kristol wing of the Republican Party has to go. In the past few days, it has been reported that William Kristol met with Mitt Romney to seek to enlist him in a third party run: exactly what the country, and quite clearly Republican voters do not want. How delusional can one be? Twice, the nation has said no to Mitt Romney. What makes William Kristol think that a third time will be successful? And who anointed William Kristol the official kingmaker and leader of the Republican Party anyway? He is not an elected official. He does not speak for the voters. That is exactly the problem with the Republican Party today. Their leaders simply do not speak for the voters, nor do they lead in any way that bears resemblance to what the voters want; if they had done so in the first place, the risky proposition of Donald Trump might not exist.

Is it any surprise that William Kristol and his cohorts would engage in such a foolish endeavor? After all, it was he and his fellow neoconservatives who clamored for the disastrous war with Iraq, who helped orchestrate the last fifteen years of incompetent foreign policy in the Middle East, and who continue to urge the unbelievably stupid idea of regime change in Iran. Even without a malleable Republican in the White House over the last eight years, he has held considerable sway over many policymakers.

Remember when Republican pundits and so called experts were stunned when Donald Trump called out President Bush for the Iraq War; when he plainly declared that he would be neutral between Israelis and Palestinians? They were not just amazed that Trump said what he said, but that voters seemed perfectly ok with it. It showed how seriously out of touch party operatives and leaders were with voters, and yet, they are unwilling to give up the whims and special interests of their donor classes for the sake of representing the voters.

William Kristol and his wing of the Republican Party represent big government, plain and simple. Abroad, they act the same way that Liberals do at home and believe that the American government somehow knows what is best for everyone else in the world. At home, they do little to counter to a big government run amok. They do not work towards a free and fair market for all Americans, but a free market for their friends. All this while running back and forth between conclaves in Palm Beach and confabs in Palm Springs. No wonder they look ridiculous. They should try living a little….. like the rest of us.

Of course, this should come as no surprise because William Kristol’s brand of Republicanism was in fact a product from the Democratic Party. It was not the big spending and big government that sent them running. It was the fact that Democrats were not willing to also practice big government abroad! No wonder, Kristol and his ilk have little in common with the average Republican voter who just wants government to get out of the way. They do not see it that way.

It is precisely because of people like Kristol that the Republican brand has lost its way. They turned Republicanism away from the concept of limited government and towards a model of big government which was just different on where to be big. The establishment Republican brand has come to stand for empire building abroad and oligarchy at home. This is why if Republicans are to stand a chance at finding their way again, Kristol and his class of Republicans must be shown the door permanently.

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